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Air cargo

f you are looking for air carriage services, Pan Ukraine will be happy to help. Our international air carriage services guarantee prompt and reliable delivery of your cargo to any destination. Sometimes this is the only possible, most reliable, convenient and efficient way. For instance, if you need to carry vegetable-based and animal-source products. This service is really popular in very different lines of business. Air carriage is perfect for perishables, heavy and oversize cargo.

We can carry cargo by planes from Odessa and Kiev as we have the required infrastructure and resources. Only a company possessing vast experience in this area can guarantee timely delivery, safety and security of products. We have been doing this for many years, therefore we know all relevant details and utilize a smoothly running workflow philosophy. Air carriage guarantees cargo safety which is really important in case of highly flammable, hazardous and valuable shipments. Our experts can prepare the shortest and most cost-effective route. By partnering with some of the air carriers we have added maximum convenience and reliability to our services.
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Customs clearance is a complicated process which ends up with cargo successfully delivered to the customer.

To avoid any international carriage-related delays, all paperwork should by handled by professionals. Especially if a company does not deal with such shipments regularly.

Our skills and experience help us dispatch cargo with properly prepared documents. In addition, we protect our customers' interests in case of any issues during the carriage.
Pan Ukraine offers customs brokerage services within Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries.
Professional customs-related services carried out by our experts:

- estimation of customs tariffs
- defining tariff and non-tariff measures for foreign trade
- preparation of documents and complete support for clearance of products by customs agents
- filling out CMRs, EX-1s, TIRCARNETs and electronic versions thereof
- advice on general and specific issues relating to customs services


Trucking by Pan Ukraine

is the most efficient and reliable way to carry products between Europe, Ukraine and the CIS. International trucking is the best way to make a door-to-door delivery of your shipment.

Use efficient trucking services. Choose a reliable carrier. Benefit from trucking services offered by Pan Ukraine. And enjoy the advantages:
- best delivery
- guaranteed cargo safety
- forwarding
- efficient logistics
- facilitated customs clearance
- optimized import/export
- minimum expenses
- maximum profit 18675

Pan Ukraine LLC

To provide our tracking services we use a fleet of 60 vehicles with load-bearing capacity of 5 to 23 tons, and volume of 10 to 120 m³, or special-purpose vehicles (i.e. low roaders) in case of oversize cargo. Our vehicles meet all applicable regulations and international standards. Our large fleet of vehicles with various types of bodies helps us handle international shipments involving personal belongings and ensure best delivery of:
- packaged cargo
- balanced stock
- oversize cargo
- heavy-weight cargo
- perishables
- hazardous materials
- temperature-sensitive cargo
- mixed consignments.

Sea freight

Pan Ukraine's experts have long been engaged in cargo shipping from China, USA and other countries. Our company used that time to build a large network of partnerships and a number of terminals in the world's major ports. We carry international cargo in cooperation with the well-known companies like OOCL, MAERSK, MSC, CMA CGM. Since we have partnered directly with the world's leaders we can lower our carriage rates. This gives us an edge in our competition with other Ukrainian companies.


Management of sea freights is not an easy job, however if you are looking for quality and reliability you will choose this option. Pan Ukraine will every effort to make sure you receive your order where you requested.

Sea freights guarantee cargo safety, timely delivery and package integrity. Besides, shipments are delivered on a door-to-door basis. These are the reasons why the sea freight is so popular among Pan Ukraine's customers.
International Sea Freight with Pan Ukraine

We can deliver your order practically from anywhere around the world. Our focus areas are China, Europe and the US, for this is where most orders come from.

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